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reverse mortgages make me smile.

The Emotions Revealed Program was designed to help seniors make better reverse mortgage decisions.

We have created an avenue for seniors to freely
make public their views on reverse mortgages.

Their feelings, experiences and thoughts are captured and then made public on our website. Other seniors can go through them and get an insight to what others have to say about reverse mortgages.  

find the information you seek about reverse mortgage loans.

Random Emotions from Seniors on Reverse Mortgages 

I am just 61 but already retired. I have always dreaded the thought of retirement when I and my wife would no longer be able to afford our home and would have to move out to something smaller. I have carefully been seeking options to make our retirement years as blissful as possible. I recently heard about FHA insured loans and already am considering one. We would both be up to the requirement age of 62 next year and we are already looking through some available reverse mortgage options. I think reverse mortgage are very helpful.

Mark - San Francisco 

What I don’t understand is why the hud approved reverse mortgage lender is comfortable to remain unpaid till the borrower dies. It makes me suspicious that there is more for them to gain than is being said. Then there is the part that the lender would benefit from your death. So it is like saying, come take money and please die soon so that we can take our money back. It does not sound ethical to me. The amount you get must be really below your home value for the lender to be prepared to wait for an unknown length of time.

Harrison - 65 - Michigan

I am presently applying for a reverse mortgage loan and in a few days it would be through. I opted for the loan because after careful consideration I believe it is beneficial. It not only would offer me access to steady income but also frees me from the burden of monthly repayments. Retirement age is not the time to be worried with how to meet up with scheduled debt repayments.

Davidson - 66 - Alabama

If I would have listened to my reverse mortgage consular I certainly would not have taken the loan. It is a loan that is only beneficial for the lenders. If you are real old when you take it you are given a higher amount as the loan. This is because they are confident that you would die before you exhaust it. If you are still relatively younger they then give you a lesser amount. As it is I may just exhaust my home equity before I die.

Richard - 63 - San Antonio