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reverse mortgages make me smile.

The Emotions Revealed Program was designed to help seniors make better reverse mortgage decisions.

We have created an avenue for seniors to freely
make public their views on reverse mortgages.

Their feelings, experiences and thoughts are captured and then made public on our website. Other seniors can go through them and get an insight to what others have to say about reverse mortgages.  

find the information you seek about reverse mortgage loans.

Favorable Reverse Mortgage Emotions

I had a bit of reservation and doubts and asked a lot of questions before I finally decided to sign up for a reverse mortgage loan. The reverse mortgage counselor I worked with was very patient and assisted me greatly, explaining in detail just what I was getting into. I look back now and laugh because I should have jumped on the wagon a long time ago. The reverse mortgage loan I took has given my retirement years a new meaning.

Aaron - California

I and my wife worked so had to accumulate the equity on our home. When we were both over 65 and retired it was a shame to see the house deteriorate because we could not meet up with repair and renovation expenses. Insurance and taxation costs were also a problem. We had problems taking care of our regular expenses along with my expensive medical ongoing treatment. A reverse mortgage loan was a gift from above. We do not even feel like debtors because we know it is our accumulated equity working for us.

Paul - Wisconsin  

When my husband died I felt an overwhelming sadness. I was sad to lose a partner and also was sad that I had to give up the home he worked all these years to acquire. It was just too big and expensive for me to maintain. I dreaded having to move out from my home and leave all the memories behind to total strangers. Myhopes went flaying up after I saw the figures on a reverse mortgage loan calculator. I was really excited that I could access the accumulated equity we had on our home. I was able to keep our home and receive steady income to take care of me and my needs. I am truly grateful that my husband’s work was not in vain.

Maria - Tennessee

I heard it was President Regan who introduced reverse mortgage loans to help seniors in their years of retirement. I always thought he was one of the smartest Presidents this country ever had and now I am sure he is. A reverse mortgage loan saved me from having to move to my son’s basement. I retained my home and now receive steady income to cover my needs and my bills. I am not a burden to any one and can enjoy my last years in peace and relative comfort.

Ramon - Texas