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reverse mortgages make me smile.

The Emotions Revealed Program was designed to help seniors make better reverse mortgage decisions.

We have created an avenue for seniors to freely
make public their views on reverse mortgages.

Their feelings, experiences and thoughts are captured and then made public on our website. Other seniors can go through them and get an insight to what others have to say about reverse mortgages.  

find the information you seek about reverse mortgage loans.

Mixed Emotions from Seniors on Reverse Mortgage 

I personally believe that the reverse mortgage loan program is one of, if not the only program from the government that truly was designed to help senior citizens. For a long time seniors in the population where gently eased out of life in old people homes. Since reverse mortgage loans got popular seniors now know that they have a choice. No more squatting with your children or with other old strangers in retirement homes. I can live in my familiar environment and don’t have to worry no one.

Morgan - 75 - New Jersey 

I recently sold my home and moved to a smaller home. I did not know about reverse mortgage loans before the sale. I have heard a bit of them but never really bothered to get more information. I found it hard to meet up with the cost of repairs, renovations, taxes and insurance on the relative large property so I sold it and opted for a smaller residence. Now that I know about reverse mortgage lending, I wished I had known sooner. I would not have sold my home. When you grow up in a place, you get used to it. Puling out seems like starting anew and am way too old for that now. My friend Paul took a reverse mortgage loan and he is not complaining. If only I had known.

Elbridge - 72 - South Carolina

I actually think reverse mortgage loans is not as good as everyone makes it out to be. The reverse mortgage lenders and agents make a commission out of it so what else would they say than to sing its praises. I believe that there are better options available to a senior than opting for a reverse mortgage. I took one of such options and am happy.

Stella - 69 - Texas 

I can never opt for a reverse mortgage loan. How will I take a loan where the lender gets paid after am dead? So the lender keeps hoping that I die quick so that they can sell my home and cash out. What do I then leave my kids? Its just an over hyped program to cheat people.

Murphy - 81 - Georgia