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reverse mortgages make me smile.

The Emotions Revealed Program was designed to help seniors make better reverse mortgage decisions.

We have created an avenue for seniors to freely
make public their views on reverse mortgages.

Their feelings, experiences and thoughts are captured and then made public on our website. Other seniors can go through them and get an insight to what others have to say about reverse mortgages.  

find the information you seek about reverse mortgage loans.

Submit Your Reverse Mortgage Emotions 

Reverse mortgage loans are getting more popular. However the debate remains as to whether they offer more advantages than disadvantages. While some who have taken the loan in the past has praised it to high heavens, others still say it is not worth the trouble. Others even say it actually should be avoided as it rips seniors off their asset. 

In a bid to help seniors who are considering reverse mortgage loans make better decisions we started the Emotions Revealed Program. It is a kind of reverse mortgage review program. If you are a senior, please feel free to send us your thoughts. Have you taken a reverse mortgage loan before? Did you find it beneficial or the opposite? Will you recommend it to another? If you have not taken a reverse mortgage loan before, will you like to take it? What are your views about the loan? 

Seniors should please send us their thoughts, feelings, experiences and emotions about reverse mortgage loans. Unless absolutely necessary to edit the grammar, we do not edit emotions submitted to us. Feel free to say how you really feel on the subject. Once submitted other seniors will be able to read your emotions. Hopefully your thoughts and experiences on the issue will help a senior somewhere make a more informed decision.  

Emotions to be sent to our Emotions Revealed Program have to abide to set requirements. Each submission should be within 40 and 100 words. They should be no foul language or highly abusive words used on any person, living or dead. Once received, our editorial staff will have to approve it for publication. We reserve the right to refuse to publish on our site any written expressions from any senior that we found not meeting our requirements. After approval, we would publish it on our website.